Instructional Improvement Programs

CAT's Instructional Improvement Programs are designed to enhance curricular experimentation and development and to improve undergraduate instruction through grant funding, TA training, as well as curriculum development and teaching opportunities for graduate students.

Instructional Improvement Grants

The Instructional Improvement Grant Program supports innovation, experimentation, and development of undergraduate curriculum and pedagogy. The goal of the program is to improve the quality of undergraduate education through pedagogical experimentation in areas such as student-centered learning, course design, diversity and inclusion in the classroom, and instructional technologies. The program especially values innovations that will have a lasting impact on undergraduate education.

Teaching Assistant Training Program

The CAT TA Training Program assists TAs at UCLA to improve their teaching and advance their professional development.

Collegium of University Teaching Fellows

The Collegium of University Teaching Fellows (CUTF) is an innovative program that creates unique learning opportunities for both graduate teaching fellows and undergraduate students on campus. Through the program, some of UCLA's very best advanced graduate students have the opportunity to develop and teach a lower division seminar in their field of specialization on a one-time only basis.

Test of Oral Proficiency

The Test of Oral Proficiency (TOP) is designed to test the oral English ability of international students to conduct discussion sections, labs, and office hours and to interact in English with undergraduate students in the course of normal TA duties. It is not designed to test teaching skills or knowledge of subject matter. All international students who plan to work as teaching assistants at UCLA must pass the TOP before working as TAs in any department at UCLA, and no alternatives to TOP are accepted.