Learning Spaces

The mission of the Learning Spaces group is to ensure that faculty have the best possible resources to support classroom teaching. This mission is accomplished through a commitment to a high level of quality customer service, renewal and expansion of the installed technology base, and measured infusion of innovation in both service models and technology.

Audio Visual Services

Audio Visual Services (AVS) provides direct support to the use of classroom technology by faculty, administrators, and others through equipment delivery, technical assistance and training, and event management.  

Classroom Technology Design and Maintenance

Classroom Technology Design and Maintenance (CTDM) plans, designs, installs, and upgrades instructional technology in classrooms, seminar rooms, conference rooms, and other spaces on campus. In addition, the CTDM group performs preventive maintenance, replacement of consumable parts, and equipment repair as needed.

Classroom and Equipment Inventory

The Learning Spaces group curates the inventory of General Assignment Classrooms and audio visual equipment available within the classrooms or for rental. Please see lists below.