COVID-19 update 3-17-2020 7pm

Dear Campus Community,

When BruinCast learned that Week one and two of Spring Quarter would be online we reached out to many of you who have used our services before to see how we could help transition your lectures online. If you responded to our survey we are doing our best to contact you and schedule you for an on-campus recording mode that meets your needs. However, recent announcements by UCLA leadership, Mayor Garcetti and Governor Newsom are forcing us to change our working assumptions very rapidly so we feel it is prudent to let you know that there is a possibility that due to COVID-19 we will all be asked not to come to campus.

Should that happen, know that whether you've used our service before or are hoping to use it in the future, we remain committed to meeting your instructional needs and that CAT staff can still assist you with other options such as using previous BruinCast recordings or finding alternative remote teaching methods. In the meantime, we encourage you to take a moment to look at the resources at this site and familiarize yourself with some of the other options for holding lectures for your students from your home.


BruinCast is a service offered and subsidized by the Center for the Advancement of Teaching to video record and/or audio record regularly scheduled undergraduate lectures for later playback from the course website. Currently, there are 11 lecture halls fully equipped for remotely controlled video or audio-only recording, as well as 65 other classrooms set up for audio-only recording or video recording using portable equipment.

For playback of BruinCast lecture recordings, please visit CCLE. Access to recordings is usually limited to the students, instructors, teaching assistants and other participants of each specific course.

Faculty interested in signing up for BruinCast can register online here.


Email: [email protected]