What is Bruincast?

BruinCast is a service offered and subsidized by the Center for the Advancement of Teaching to video record and/or audio record regularly scheduled undergraduate lectures for later playback from the course website.

The service is designed to provide instructional enhancement to current undergraduate students, using funding specifically allocated for that purpose by the state. When you sign up for BruinCast each quarter and your request is approved, the class sessions you teach for the entire quarter will be recorded and posted online in your course website for your students to access.

Where on campus is the bruincast service available?

BruinCast is currently available in some form in 76 classrooms on campus, including every general assignment classroom with a capacity of 60 or more.

Remote video or audio-only recording

Lecture recordings in classrooms with remotely controlled equipment are more easily accommodated because no portable equipment or crew are required. These are the 11 locations that support remotely controlled video recording (or audio-only recording):

Broad 2160ELa Kretz 110Young CS 24
Dodd 121Math Sciences 4000AYoung CS 50
Dodd 147Moore 100Young CS 76
Haines 39Physics & Astronomy 1425 

Remote audio-only recording (or video recording with portable equipment)

Audio-only recordings are generally easily accommodated if requested. Video recordings using portable equipment and a crew are possible in these classrooms depending on availability of resources. There are 65 locations where these services are available:

Boelter 2444Geology 4660Physics & Astronomy 1749
Boelter 2760Haines 118Physics & Astronomy 2434
Boelter 3400Haines 220Public Affairs 1222
Boelter 4413Haines A18Public Affairs 1234
Boelter 5249Haines A2Public Affairs 1246
Boelter 9436Haines A25Public Affairs 1256
Broad 2100AHaines A44Public Affairs 1264
Bunche 1209BKaplan 135Public Affairs 1337
Bunche 2209AKaplan 169Public Affairs 2214
Bunche 3178Kaplan A51Public Affairs 2232
De Neve P350Kaplan A65Public Affairs 2238
Dodd 146Kinsey Pavilion 1200BPublic Affairs 2250
Dodd 161Kinsey Pavilion 1220BPublic Affairs 2270
Dodd 167Kinsey Pavilion 1240BPublic Affairs 2284
Dodd 170La Kretz 100Rolfe 1200
Dodd 175La Kretz 101Rolfe 3126
Fowler A103BLa Kretz 120Royce 190
Fowler A139Math Sciences 5200Royce 362
Franz 1178Moore 1003Young 1044
Franz 1260Northwest Campus Auditorium 101AYoung 2200
Franz 2258APerloff 1102Young 4216
Geology 3656Physics & Astronomy 1434A 

Who has access to my lecture recordings?

In addition to you, only class participants such as other instructors, teaching assistants and students can access the recordings on the “Media resources” tab of your CCLE course page. You can also grant access to individuals (who must have a UCLA Logon ID) through a simple process (contact [email protected] for more information).

Audio and video recordings on your CCLE course page are streamable on demand directly in the browser and are not downloadable.

At the conclusion of each quarter, you may request copies of your lecture recordings from BruinCast for your own personal use.

Does using BruinCast change how I teach my class?

Not really. The BruinCast service is designed to be unobtrusive. In general, you can conduct your class sessions as you ordinarily would.

For your classes to be recorded properly, you must wear a wireless lavalier microphone during every class session. A lavalier is a small microphone that’s easily clipped to your shirt, collar, lapel or jacket, and is connected by a thin cord to a transmitter that you put in your pocket, clip to your belt or carry. The microphone is supplied to you at no cost by Audio Visual Services (AVS) for use throughout the quarter.

All audio and most video recordings are accomplished with permanently installed equipment that you or your students will not even be aware of. For some video-recorded courses in rooms without a remotely controlled camera, a video crew will attend each of your class sessions and record them from the back of the room.

You can use slide presentations, write on the whiteboard/chalkboard, conduct demonstrations, move around freely, interact with students and otherwise teach your class like you always do.

Will a lot of students watch the lectures online instead of attend class in person?

Published research has consistently shown that making recorded lectures available to students results in little or no negative impact on classroom attendance.

According to past surveys of UCLA students, the majority used BruinCast as a study tool during the quarter, particularly before midterms or finals, or to watch/listen to a lecture they had a legitimate reason for missing. The large uptick in streaming traffic before midterms and especially finals also suggests students often review all or parts of lectures to prepare for tests.

Instructors have tools to keep attendance at acceptable levels, including monitoring classroom attendance, halting (temporarily or permanently) BruinCast recordings, or even removing access to recordings. However, these steps are rarely necessary.

How do students access recordings of classes?

BruinCast audio and video recordings are played back via CCLE. To access BruinCast recordings, students should go to the “Media resources” tab of their CCLE course page.

New recordings are posted by the end of the next school day following a class session, and often sooner.

What if students have issues or questions regarding BruinCast recordings?

In all instances, you can direct students to contact BruinCast at [email protected].

BruinCast records, edits, processes and streams thousands of hours of media each quarter — a complex technical and logistical undertaking carried out in large measure by student workers. It’s extremely helpful when glitches or mistakes are brought to our attention so we can correct them promptly.

How do I sign up for BruinCast?

Sign up online at https://bruincast.ucla.edu before the start of each quarter.

If you are teaching in a BruinCast-equipped classroom, you will automatically receive an invitation to sign up for BruinCast before each quarter. However, even if you don’t receive an invitation you can still sign up. At a later point, we will let you know if your recording request has been approved.

Each quarter, we set out to maximize the number of courses and students we can service with the available resources.

If you are teaching in an upcoming quarter and would like BruinCast to record your course, you may want to check with your department early to make sure your course is assigned to a suitable classroom (see list above).

Remember: Even if you participated in BruinCast in past quarters, you must still sign up for the current quarter. The process is not automatic. Signing up as early as possible increases the chances that resources will be available to record your class.

Where do I get more information about BruinCast?

Please email us at [email protected]. We’re happy to answer any questions you might have.