The Center for the Advancement of Teaching (CAT) and Samueli School of Engineering partnered to offer the FT^2 workshop series during Winter 2018 and Fall 2018.

CAT's Kumiko Haas and Michelle Gaston worked with engineering faculty to develop each session. Each workshop listed below was led by one or more engineering faculty members, with CAT content experts also contributing to the presentations.

Workshop Schedule for Fall 2018 SEries


October 1, 2018

Scott Brandenberg

Diversity, equity and inclusion. How instructors can improve outcomes for engineering students with diverse backgrounds while helping all students be prepared to succeed in a diverse workplace.

October 8, 2018

Jake Schmidt

Backwards course design, student-centered course design. Establishing learning objectives and using them as a foundation for assessments, lectures, course activities, and assignments.

October 15, 2018Veronica Santos, Rob Candler

Student centered learning. Active learning including pair-and-share and polling tools such as clickers and the UCLA online polling tool. Research and evidence about how active learning can affect student outcomes

October 22, 2018Rob Shaefer, Bill Kaiser, Don Browne

Managing active learning throughgroup work and project teams. How to form teams. How to grade team-based projects to encourage collaboration while not rewarding lack of participation. Clear rubrics that still allow creativity. Separately, a discussion about student motivation.

October 29, 2018Jenn-Ming Yang, Orachat Chieu

Technology resources for enhanced education. Avoiding technology for its own sake. Finding technology that supports and enhances your teaching style and learning objectives. Building awareness of the technology resources available at UCLA.

November 5, 2018

Laurent Pilon, Orachat Chieu

Assessing prerequisite preparation. Identifying what students need to know to succeed in your class. Assessing preparations early to inform both you and the students of preparation gaps. Providing resources to mitigate preparation gaps. Using the CCLE quiz tool with corresponding remedial content.

November 13, 2018Hal Monbouquette

Aligning learning objectives with assessment techniques, test design. Designing tests that cover arange of performance levels.

November 19, 2018

Carey Nachenberg, Sasha Sherstov, Bruce Dunn

The art of great teaching/lecturing considering both content and performance aspects. Overcoming the hurdles of a lecture environment to truly engage students. Examples of tools and tricks that you can use. Selecting the tools that align with your teaching style.

November 26, 2018

Adrienne Lavine

Assessment and inclusive grading practices. Criterion-based grading vs. grading on astrict curve, variations. Research showing howgrading practices affect student performance.

December 3, 2018

Richard Wesel, Kumiko Haas

Peer Evaluation of Teaching

 Greg PottieInfusing Liberal Arts Concepts into Engineering

Assessment of Winter 2018 Series

CAT's Center for Educational Assessment conducted interviews with workshop participants to assess the FT^2 program, and prepared a report of their findings.