Email Notices to Students and Instructors:

The EIP Office sends an e-mail to students and instructors to let them know that the evaluation period has begun. The e-mail lists the specific course sections that are being evaluated and the deadline for students to submit their responses. When the evaluation period is over, we send instructors an e-mail that will have a direct link to MyUCLA; once instructors log in, they will be at the Evaluation of Instruction Reports page.

For more information on the e-mail notices both students and instructors receive, please view the Online Evaluation Email Notifications page.

PLEASE NOTE:  Entering grades before the evaluation window closes prevents students from submitting further evaluations for that class.

How Instructors Access the Evaluation Reports:

Once the evaluations begin, instructors should be able to log in to MyUCLA to access the Classes page, where it will indicate if there are courses with online evaluations in progress. There they will be able to see the status of the evaluations which will update periodically. 

Classes Page


Alternatively, Instructors can click on the "Faculty" tab in MyUCLA. Underneath that is a link spelled out as "Evaluation of Instruction Reports".

Faculty Tab 


Once they have reached the Evaluation of Instruction Reports page they may view these reports any time AFTER the evaluation period is closed AND the grades for the class have been submitted on time. 

PLEASE NOTE:   If grades for a class are submitted after the Gradebook due date, then the instructor(s) and any associated Teaching Assistants will need to obtain the evaluation reports from the department’s Evaluation Coordinator. If you do not know who the Evaluation Coordinator is for your department please visit the Evaluation Coordinator Directory.

On this page, there is a drop-down box to select the desired term. The following graphic displays how this page would look for a term where the evaluations have not yet been completed.

Reports Page - current 


The next graphic displays how this page would look for a term that evaluations have been completed.

Reports Page


For Difficulties Accessing Evaluation Reports:

Occasionally, a technical difficulty arises where instructors cannot access their evaluation reports. Please check to be sure that the instructor has submitted grades by the due dates and selected the proper term. If this is the case and the instructor is still experiencing difficulties, please contact the EIP Office at [email protected] or 310-825-6939.

In order to assist you, we will need the following information:

1. What does the instructor see when after logging into MyUCLA? For example, is the instructor able to get into the MyUCLA site? Is the instructor able to click on the “Evaluation of Instruction Reports” link? Are there links for the instructor's courses? (please specify department and course sections)
2. Instructor name
3. Instructor Employee UID#
4. The browser being used (version # is helpful)
5.  Which OS is being used (version # is helpful)

As it may take some time to resolve the issue, it is best to let us know if there is an access problem as soon as possible.