These instructions are intended to give the Evaluation Coordinator for each department and program a thorough explanation of the new procedures in place for online evaluation. Please read this instruction document carefully and be sure to clarify with EIP on any points if necessary.

You may click here for the PDF version of this information.

Snapshot Reports:

A Snapshot report is a list that we generate that shows all the courses for a deparment or program at that moment in time, and how those courses will be set up for evaluation. EIP will distribute Snapshot reports in Week 4 by uploading them to the department's folder on Reviewing the Snapshot report for accuracy by the due date is the most critical step in the online evaluation process.

All the data that our system receives comes directly from the Registrar’s Office database. Any changes to class section information must be made with the Registrar’s Office by Week 7 in order for it to be reflected correctly in our system before the online evaluations are activated.

Suggested steps in using the Snapshot report:

  1. Please verify with your department’s course scheduler the instructor names and UID numbers for every course section. It is crucial that registration data be correct before the evaluation period begins. We do not recommend making changes to instructor information while the survey is in progress as this can lead to further complications or errors.
  2. Any course section that is highlighted will not be evaluated, so some corrections may be required.
    There are usually two reasons why the section is not eligible, and the reasons are color-coded:
    PINK – This instructor is unidentified or has an unsupported Function Code (03+)
    This is typically the case for when a faculty is acting in the role of supervisor for a graduate student who is actually teaching the course to the students. If the code is changed to a 01 or 02 with the Registrar, then EIP will be able to evaluate this course section.
    DARK – No evaluation form has been designated for this course
    Courses that have been requested by a department to be removed from online evaluation are on the "Exception List" and will be shaded in dark grey. If a course is highlighted with the dark color and it should be evaluated, please contact us so we may work with you to have the proper form assigned. Since this situation has to do with evaluation form assignment and not registration data, this is the only change to the Snapshot that can be made through EIP.
  3. Examine any codes in the Issues column. This is the column we are using to denote questionable course/instructor registration issues. Only the first issue listed is a situation where no evaluation is generated, the rest of these issues are pointed out simply to make your department aware of a potential problem. The key to the codes are in the notes at the end of the Snapshot.


! – No instructor found
Without any instructor designated, EIP cannot evaluate the course section. Please contact the Registrar’s Office to correct the situation.

@ - No instructor e-mail address
Although it is not necessary for this e-mail address to be entered in, it may mean that EIP will rely on the department to contact instructors regarding evaluation notices.

# - A "Full Instructor" (01) was found associated with a secondary section as well as a primary section.
This may be desirable. If the department wants both sections evaluated, no action is necessary. Please notify EIP if only one section should be evaluated.

X – A “Full Instructor” (01) was found associated with a secondary section without being in a primary section.
If this situation is desired, no action is necessary. Otherwise please contact the Registrar’s Office to correct the situation

G – A TA is teaching the course (no 01 present); they will get the instructor form.
This also may be desirable. There is often a 03 Instructor of Record listed for the section as well.

Snapshot Report Column Information:

When examining class details, it is important to understand the meaning of two columns, the FC (Instructor Function Code) and Pri (Primary/Secondary Section designation).

FC:  Instructor Function Code
01 – Instructor
02 – TA (can be used for any graduate level instructor)
03 – Instructor of Record
04 and above – No set classification except for 22 (USIE Student Instructors)

EIP will only be evaluating sections with instructors that have function codes of 01, 02 or 22.

Pri:  Primary/Secondary Section designation
This column denotes whether a course section is the Primary or Secondary section of a class:
P = Primary
S = Secondary

Courses Omitted from Online Evaluation:

  • By default, we are excluding courses at 500 level or higher.
  • Departments may choose to have additional courses removed from online evaluations for various reasons, most commonly for tutorials and private instruction.
  • These courses would go on an “Exception List” that EIP would maintain.
  • This list would only be for courses that are to be omitted from evaluation every quarter.
  • These courses may not be evaluated by the EIP paper evaluation system, but they may be evaluated by the department’s own internal procedures.
  • Also temporarily we are removing multiple-listed courses from the online system that are co-sponsored with departments that are only using paper evaluations.

Please note that for any course listed for removal, ALL sections of that course number will be removed from online evaluation. Click here for more information about Exception List.

Courses with Fewer than 4 Students Enrolled:

Please note that the way class sections with fewer than four students are processed has changed:
Snapshots now include all course sections including those with fewer than four students enrolled as there is no minimum enrollment for online evaluation. However, please be aware that reports generated for courses with fewer than four student responses are not considered statistically relevant and EIP does not recommend their use. This information is included in the Notes area at the end of the Snapshot.

Summary of Information to give to EIP or the Registrar’s Office:

Please contact EIP with questions regarding form assignment or courses that are excluded from evaluation. – These changes must be submitted to EIP by Monday of Week 7


Please contact the Registrar’s Office regarding changes in course data, including faculty name, UID, e-mail address, function code, section, and enrollment. – These changes may be made with the Registrar’s Office at any time, but will not be reflected in online evaluation data once the survey period has begun.

To make course scheduling changes, please contact:
Doug Thomson in the Schedule Office
[email protected]
ext. 51441

Evaluation Reports Available on

We have created a folder on for each department and program we work with, and we have given access to those folders to the Evaluation Coordinators. These folders have sub-folders for each quarter's reports for the last year or so. The quarterly reports folder contains:

  • Data Files
  • Department Summary Reports
  • Instructor Summary Reports
  • Rundown Reports

There are also sub-folders for Snapshot reports and Participation Tracking files in the main department/program folder.

Even though instructors have direct access to their own evaluation reports through MyUCLA, you may find it necessary to print or distribute individual evaluation reports so these are included in the Instructor Summary Reports sub-folder.

In order for an instructor to access the online evaluation reports for a class, all grades for the class must be officially submitted either through Gradebook or Gradebook Express. If grades for a class are submitted after the Gradebook due date, then the instructor(s) will need to obtain the evaluation report from the department’s Evaluation Coordinator.

Archiving Snapshots and Evaluation Reports:

After you have reviewed Snapshots, you may either file or destroy them. Please do not email or fax them to EIP. Remember they are “Snapshots” of information in a moment in time, the data they contain is fluid and may change.

Each department is responsible for archiving its evaluation reports. Evaluation Coordinators should download the reports from the folder and save them in their department's computer system by some means. Older report CDs from previous years should be stored in a safe location. These disks contain confidential information, therefore, please make sure their whereabouts are both secure and known to key personnel.

Summer Sessions Information:

The main difference between Summer Sessions and regular quarters is that there are more course beginning and ending dates. There are over 40 registration sessions that are grouped into 5 common ending dates.

Most departments and programs have courses that fall into either the six-week Session A or Session C.

On the Snapshot report there is a column to display the session code, between the Email and Form columns:

Snapshot Report

To see the session dates, please click here for the current online evaluation schedule.

Please note on the schedule that the Deadline for data checking column contains dates when EIP will be loading course information into the online evaluation system. All course information must be correct by this date in order to be evaluated correctly.

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