Below are the awarded IIP Major Grant proposals from each academic year.


DepartmentProposal TitlePI(s)
Atmospheric & Oceanic SciencesIncreasing Undergraduate Comprehension of Atmospheric and Oceanic Fluids via Rotating Tank ExperimentsAndrew Stewart & Gang Chen
Atmospheric & Oceanic SciencesData Analysis for Climate ScienceNeil Berg
Chemistry & BiochemistryArtificially Intelligent Assessment and Learning System for Chem 17 "Preparation for General Chemistry"Zhao Li & Yung-Ya Lin
Chemistry & BiochemistryEvaluating the impact of learning assistants in an introductory organic chemistry sequence for life science majorsRachel Prado & Roshini Ramachandran
Chemistry & BiochemistryAssessment of Teaching Practices in Chemistry 153L: A laboratory course on Introduction to Protein Science - What are reasons for the performance gap in the course? Which interventions will help to reduce this gap?Anne Hong-Hermesdorf
Chemistry & BiochemistryMachine Learning for every chemistry professionalAnastassia Alexandrova
Chemistry & BiochemistryCreating valid, reliable pre- and post-assessment tools to assess students' abilities to retain, transfer, and apply acid-base chemistry concepts in general chemistry, organic chemistry, and biochemistryJennifer Casey, Heather Tienson-Tseng, Al Courey
Chemistry & BiochemistryUtilizing application-based science education videos in an undergraduate chemistry laboratory course for life science majorsRoshini Ramachandran & Jennifer Casey
Communication StudiesTV News Archive User Interface ImprovementFrancis Steen & Tim Groeling
Comparative LiteratureClassroom Coding for the HumanitiesDavid MacFadyen
Designp5.js: Developing a Tool for Making Art and Design with CodeLauren McCarthy
Earth, Planetary, and Space SciencesGeophysics Hawaii Volcano Field TripPaul Davis
Ecology & Evolutionary BiologyTransforming Introduction to Ecology and Behavior into a more active classroomDaniel Blumstein
Ecology & Evolutionary BiologyUsing Modern Classroom Technology in a Large, Upper-Division Class "Evolutionary Medicine"Pamela Yeh, Benison Pang, Jessica Gregg
Ecology & Evolutionary BiologySustainable Native GardensAlison Lipman & Leryn Gorlitsky
French & Francophone StudiesImplementing Integrated Performance Assessments (IPAs) in the French Language Program at UCLAKimberly Jansma & Laurence Denie
Integrative Biology & PhysiologyAchieving intimate research experience at scaleRoy Wollman
Life Sciences Core EducationA Pilot: Mobile All-in-one Virtual Reality computer station used in Laboratory Course Life Sciences LS23LGaston Pfluegl
Life Sciences Core EducationEnhancing Motivational Predictors of Student Success Across the Introductory Life Sciences CurriculumJeffrey Maloy & Erin Sanders O’Leary
MusicologyCreating Musical Community (Ethnomusicology/Music/Musicology M103)Nina Eidsheim & Mark Kligman
MusicologyVideotape course: “The Reel Beatles”David Leaf
Physics & AstronomyData-driven, Systematic, and Sustainable Transformation of Physics for Life ScientistsIan McLean, Katsushi Arisaka, Joshua Samani, George Trammell, Elizabeth Mills, Shanna Shaked
Physics & AstronomyProposal to enhance infrastructure of 180E physics undergraduate labWalter Gekelman
PsychologyDeveloping a Tool to Assess the Learning Gains of the Neuroscience CurriculumWilliam Grisham
World Arts & Cultures/DanceLegislative Theater for Racial JusticeRobert Gordon, Bryonn Bain, David Gere