CCLE Template for Mid-Quarter Feedback

UCLA has transitioned to remote instruction in an extraordinarily short time. Many of us are wondering how successful our efforts have been, whether our students are still able to learn well, and whether we should be making any adjustments to our teaching approaches. With that in mind, CAT is providing a template questionnaire for gathering mid-quarter feedback from students. This questionnaire, which is built into CCLE, can be used entirely at the discretion of each individual instructor. It can be adopted as is or tailored to a particular course. Once adopted, the questionnaire and student responses are available only to individual instructors to use as they see fit.

Please follow these steps to use the questionnaire.

  1. Preview the questions.
  2. If you want to adopt the questionnaire as is, you can follow these instructions for how to post it within your CCLE class site.
  3. You can also edit possible answers and tailor the questions to your course. If you prefer video to written instructions, please view the video below (courtesy of CEILS). Please note that the video is for a different questionnaire, but the process is the same. The questionnaire you should use as a template is “2020 Remote Instruction Mid-Quarter Evaluation,” not the one named in the video.

If you have any questions about this questionnaire or how to tailor it to your course, please contact us at [email protected].