slichter 2834

Data Projection:Yes
Classroom Computer:Yes
Video Playback:DVD & Blu-ray
Sound System:Voice & Media


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Data Projection

  • A projector is installed in the ceiling. When activated, it can project either video or data.
  • A Touch Screen Classroom Computer is installed within the media cabinet.  
  • A VGA cable is available on the media cabinet for laptop connection. A HDMI input is also available - HDMI cables can be checked out from Audio Visual Services before class time.
  • If a laptop does not have either of these outputs, you will need to bring an adapter to use the data projector.

Video Playback

  • A DVD / Blu-ray player is located in the media cabinet at the front of the room.
  • A VHS player is available for checkout from Audio Visual Services.

Document Camera 

  • A document camera is available for use in the classroom. It is located in the ceiling in the area around the media cabinet and can be used with the moveable table.

Internet Access

  • The room is designed for Wi-Fi availability for all students and faculty.
  • An Ethernet jack is available on the media cabinet for wired connection.
  • The Classroom Computer has its own connection and is already configured to the Classroom Network.
  • For instructions on connecting to the Internet, visit the Classroom Network section.

Sound System

  • Wireless lavalier microphones are available for check out, either on a daily or quarterly basis.
  • There is one microphone input (XLR) available at the media cabinet.
  • The Classroom Computer and video player are already connected to the system for sound support.
  • A mini audio cable (1/8") is installed with the VGA cable to support laptops or additional devices.