The Center for the Advancement of Teaching's TA Training Program assists TAs at UCLA to improve their teaching and advance their professional development. If you are like the majority of UCLA graduate students, you will undertake the role of a Teaching Assistant at some point during your graduate career. Becoming a successful TA is a skill that requires practice, preparation, and the collection of feedback and suggestions for improvement. The TA Training Program website is designed to answer your questions and direct you to helpful resources.

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TA Training Program INFORMATION

For general questions regarding quarterly
workshops and the fall TA Conference

Office: 190 Powell Library
Phone: 310-206-2622
Email: [email protected]

Michelle Gaston, Ph.D.

Assistant Director, Teaching and Learning Initiatives
TA Training Program Coordinator

Office: 70 Powell Library
Phone: 310-206-6062
Email: [email protected]


Manpreet Dhillon Brar, Ph.D. Candidate

Inclusive Pedagogy Fellow

Office: 190 Powell Library
Phone: 310-206-2622
Email: [email protected]


70 Powell Library Building
Box 951515 
Los Angeles, CA 90095-1515
Campus Mail Code 151504


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