UCLA is a large and complex institution. This page provides answers to basic information regarding University TA policy and practices and provides links to units in the University that share responsibilities for various aspects of the TAship. This information is designed to answer some of your questions and to help you find the appropriate sources and materials for additional information.

Many graduate students work as Teaching Assistants as a way to get valuable classroom teaching experience. A TA's duties may include teaching, holding office hours, preparing course materials, and grading under the tutelage and supervision of regular faculty members who are responsible for curriculum and instruction in the University. TAs are academic student employees hired directly by departments, thus if you are seeking employment as a TA, first check that you are eligible to be a TA (see the first link below), then contact the department in which you wish to teach directly. To be notified about potential TA openings across campus, please join Graduate Division's TA Marketplace listserv.

We have provided a few links below to respond to some of the more frequently asked questions regarding employment as a TA:

  • Information regarding eligibility, terms of employment, qualifications, and duration of employment for TAs, can be found in Graduate Division’s resource for Working at UCLA. You can also review the Academic Apprentice Personnel Manual.
  • A summary of benefits, requirements for maintaining benefits, and the acknowledgment statement for students receiving academic apprentice appointments at UCLA can be found in the Fee Remission Benefits & Statement of Understanding.
  • Information on addressing workload, benefits, grievance and arbitration, and discipline and dismissal can be found in the UAW Union Contract
  • Salary information is published in the Academic Apprentice Salary Scale.
  • Information regarding leave for TAs can be found in Article 17 of the UAW Union Contract. In the case of an approved leave, TAs can ask their department to compensate a substitute TA. However, please note that substitute TA work is compensable only if the regularly assigned TA is on an approved leave of absence pursuant to Article 17 of the UAW Bargaining Agreement. TA work for personal reasons (e.g. conferences, exams, etc.) is NOT compensable. Substitute TA work for pay requires approval from both the faculty supervisor a cc to the department’s hiring contact for processing if approved.

Interest-free loans are available for qualified TAs as a way to receive checks early. Apply through the Advanced Loan Authorization Form for TAs.

You may be eligible for other financial assistance in addition to your teaching assistantship. Consult the Financial Aid Office (A-129J Murphy Hall)

Graduate students at UCLA are required to attend/complete quite a lot of training from the University and from their home departments. When you become an employee of the University, whether as a TA, GSR, or other employment, additional training may also be required. The information provided on this page applies only to TAships. 


Title IX/Sexual Harassment and Sexual Violence Prevention Training

The University of California is committed to creating and maintaining a community in which students, faculty, administrative, and academic staff can work together in an atmosphere free of all forms of harassment, exploitation, or intimidation, including those of a sexual nature. Specifically, every member of the UCLA community should be aware that the University is strongly opposed to sexual harassment and that such behavior is prohibited both by law and by University policy. It is the intention of the University to take what ever action needed to prevent, correct and, if necessary, discipline behavior which violates this policy. The Title IX/Sexual Harassment Prevention Office is located at 2241 Murphy Hall. 

All graduate students, new and continuing, are required to to take Title IX compliance training, as outlined on the Graduate Division website. Not completing this training in time could impact your ability to register for classes. Your hiring department may also require an additional TA-specific Title IX training that will cover your reporting responsibility as an employee. This training is different from the training you receive as a graduate student. Please check with the department in which you are employed regarding these requirements.


The Test of Oral Proficiency (TOP)

Students who plan to work as a teaching assistant (TA) at UCLA and are non-US citizens must pass the TOP before working as a TA in any department at UCLA. All non-citizens are considered international students. This includes permanent residents. However, international students who have earned a bachelor’s degree from a U.S. university are exempt from taking the TOP. Register to take the TOP Exam.


TA Training Progam 

The CAT TA Training Program assists TAs at UCLA to improve their teaching and advance their professional development. The TATP offers a campus-wide TA Conference in the Fall and workshops throughout the year. Some departments require the completion of specifc TATP workshops. Please check with your department for details.


Departmental TA Training Seminar

Many UCLA departments require their TAs to complete a training seminar (usually numbered 495) to prepare for their role as a TA. In most departments, these seminars are organized, developed, and taught jointly by a faculty member and an experienced gradaute student holding the title of a TA Consultant (TAC). Check with your department, or the department in which you wish to be a TA, to learn more about the training requirements.

Academic dishonesty, includes, but is not limited to, cheating, fabrication, plagiarism, multiple submissions or facilitating academic misconduct. If you suspect a student is cheating or has plagiarized, first initiate a conversation with the instructor of record for your course. Instructors who encounter cases of cheating or plagiarism are advised to contact the Office of the Dean of Students (310-825-3871). The Dean can provide you with advice specific to the individual incident.

Additional information regarding UCLA's policies on reporting academic dishonesty violations can be found on the Office of the Dean of Student's website here: Reporting a case of Academic Dishonesty.

The Federal Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) prohibits the disclosure of personally identifiable student records, which includes homework, examinations, term papers, etc., whether graded or ungraded. When such records are personally identifiable by name, initials, name abbreviation, or a number that is known to others, the records must be maintained in confidence unless the faculty member, instructor, TA, or other university employee has the express consent of each student to treat the records in a non-confidential way. A student number and/or a social security number are considered personal identifiers.

When such records are ready for disposal, they should not be placed where others might peruse them. They should be disposed of in a manner that maintains student confidentiality.

To review the UCLA policy and procedures for students who wish to file a grievance regarding FERPA violations, please see UCLA Procedure 220.1 : Student Grievances Regarding Violations of FERPA or University Policies on Privacy Rights Applying to Disclosure or Content of Student Records.

Complaints Against Teaching Assistants

A person who alleges that an apprentice appointee (graduate student Teaching Assistant) has violated University policy or professional ethics can address a complaint to the department chairperson who has jurisdiction over the individual’s appointment. The chairperson is empowered to lodge a formal complaint against the individual with the Dean of the school or college under whose jurisdiction the department falls. The formal complaint consists of a written statement of the facts that allegedly constitute a violation of University policy or professional ethics. A copy of the statement is sent to the individual against whom the complaint has been lodged.

If the Dean concludes that there is a clear probability that the individual’s continued assignment to his or her regular duties would endanger the University or substantially impair the integrity of the academic program, the Dean may place the individual on full or partial interim suspension with pay, pending resolution of the case. Upon investigating the facts of the case, the Dean may impose appropriate disciplinary sanctions including written censure, suspension, or dismissal, subject to the procedures for termination. The Dean informs the Chancellor, the Dean of the Graduate Division, the department chairperson who has jurisdiction over the individual’s appointment, and the individual, of the decision and of any sanctions to be imposed. When the sanction to be imposed involves dismissal, the dean must give notice in accordance with the policy on termination. In any case resulting in the imposition of a sanction, the individual has the right to appeal under the Campus Appeal Procedure. See also Article 8 in the Union Contract.


Complaints Against a Faculty from a Teaching Assistant

Informal Consultation: If the Teaching Assistant feels safe they should discuss the matter with the faculty member concerned, and together they should make an effort to resolve the problem. If the Teaching Assistant does not feel safe meeting with the faculty they can discuss the issue with the department chairperson.

College and School Deans: A TA who wishes to make a complaint about the department chairperson, or about the department as a whole, may take the matter to the appropriate dean in the College of Letters and Science (2300 Murphy Hall, 310-825-9009) or to the appropriate dean of the school or college concerned.


The UCLA Office of Ombuds Services

The UCLA Office of Ombuds Services is a conflict management resource that serves all members of the campus community, including Teaching Assistants. The Ombuds Office offers a safe place to discuss employment issues (including sexual harassment), interpersonal conflicts, academic concerns, policy questions, bureaucratic frustrations, ethical challenges, and other campus-related problems. Visitors can expect that their identity and concerns will be kept confidential by an impartial Ombudsperson. The Office also seeks to promote fair conflict management by identifying systemic concerns. The Ombuds Office is located in Strathmore Building, Room 105 (310-825-7627) and is open from 8 a.m.-5 p.m., Monday through Friday.

When someone alleges discrimination by faculty, staff, or students, it is the University’s ethical and legal responsibility to conduct a thorough, independent, and objective investigation. The Office of Equity, Diversity and Inclusion plays a crucial role in those investigations. Review the Office of Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion's guidelines for reporting bias on campus.

Contact the Title IX/Sexual Harassment office to report an incident of sexual violence or sexual harassment.

If you have problems, questions, or concerns regarding your work or labor issues, contact UAW Local 2865-Los Angeles Office, 510-549-3863.