TA workshops & annual TA conference 

Each quarter, the TA Training Program offers introductory teaching workshops useful to both North and South Campus graduate students. All of our workshops are held in small-group settings, with hands-on activities and lots of time for questions and discussion. Whether you are a current TA or would like to TA in the future, please join us to learn new strategies and skills for the classroom. These workshops are offered throughout each quarter. Click HERE to learn more and to see our full fall schedule!

On the Monday and Tuesday of Week 0 each year, the Center for the Advancement of Teaching TA Training Program organizes a conference to provide pedagogical training and resource information to both new and continuing TAs. Throughout the two days, graduate students have the opportunity to attend a variety of specialized workshops and panels on topics ranging from lesson planning and assessment & grading to preparing a teaching portfolio and improving communication in UCLA's multicultural classrooms. This year's conference was held on Sept. 23-24, with over 550 graduate students in attendance. Click HERE to see the full schedule and to stay up to date on announcements for next year's conference.