The TOP is administered four times a year. Check the TOP Exam Registration page in the sidebar to the left for upcoming dates and times. Students who plan to work as TAs must take the TOP before the quarter they plan to teach. For example, if you plan to work in the Fall, you must take and pass the exam during the September exam dates. Only one exam may be taken per administration. Please consult your department for specific hiring deadlines.

Students must be on time for the exam. Late students will not be allowed to take the TOP and will be reported as a 'no-show.' Please allow enough time to come to campus and find the testing location. Students who do not come or cancel by email 48 hours prior to the test time will need to pay a $50 no-show fee before they are allowed to retake the exam.


Please note that Administration IV (May 2020) will be held remotely via Zoom due to COVID-19 restrictions. 

Administration I (September): 3rd floor of Rolfe Hall 
Administrations II, III, IV: 270 Powell Library (Instructional Media Lab)

Note: The exams are NOT administered at the TOP office.

How Much

The TOP is free to students the 1st and 2nd time they take it. For the 3rd and subsequent times, the cost is $50 per exam. If a student registers for the exam but does not come on time, or does not cancel 48 hours in advance, the student is required to pay a $50 penalty fee if and when he/she retakes the exam. Charges are administered via BruinBill and will be posted to the student's account within one month of retaking the exam.